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2018 NENA Young Nursery Professional of the Year Award

The Young Nursery Professional of the Year award is an annual award established by the New England Nursery Association. Its purpose is to reward, to honor, and to encourage participation, achievement and growth by an individual who is involved in a related horticultural industry and has not reached the age of 40 years, who has shown involvement in his or her state and/or regional nursery association, who has contributed to the growth and success of their company, and who has portrayed an image to the public of what our products and services can do for them.

Featured in Seven Days Newspaper April 2016

2016 Honor Award

Featured in Seven Days Newspaper March 2014

2013 Honor Award

2012 Merit Award

Recognized for excellence in sustainable design, plant selection & overall design success.
These projects awarded by Greenworks, The Vermont Nursery & Landscape Association.
More information can be found at the Green Works website
Previously featured in Luxury Homes quarterly Jan/Feb 2011
Other publications include: The Citizen, The Charlotte News, Vermont's Local Banquet and Vermont Woman.

2015 Greenworks Flower Show

This year's theme, water, demonstrats it's various uses, presence & importance in our lives.
The New Front Yard is recognized for it's importance in preserving water.
It features a new, sustainable option to the Traditional American Front Yard, by offering a no-mow alternative.
For more information: linked text here linked text here

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